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Sniper in D.C. - White Trucks Everywhere

White trucks in D.C. suppposedly looking for sniper. What if the white trucks WERE the snipers?!
What if the white trucks in D.C. supposedly looking for the sniper WERE the snipers themselves? What if they are driving around looking for a way to shoot again, create another drama for the massses, so they won't look at the real story. What is the real story? That the Clintons and Bushes are in deep doo-doo with illegality and we are finding out, with the help of the Internet and free speech. Our media is nothing but a bunch of bootlicking, bureaucratic, gatekeeprs, elitits, and the Internet is our way to get the real truth out there. The CIA is working in all major media now. And these bootlicking media guys are so stupid they don't even see it. Would someone look inside these white vans, supposedly trying to catch the sniper, and take their sniper guns from the CIA/FEMA/FBI/BATF/NASA/Clinton-want-to-be-King of the World-New World Order-United Nations criminals.

By the way, George Washington was ASKED to be king and he refused! That's the kind of Founding Fathering we had! They had integrity and worked for freedom for the people - not just the bureaucratic, elite, bootlickers and other such criminals!



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