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Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich: More Bad News

Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich continues his assult on worker rights and for US empire abroad.
At the antiwar rally at the Federal Plaza on Friday noon, Rev. Paul Jakes spoke of his "disappointment" with the vote of Democrat gubernatorial hopeful, now US Representative Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich voted for war.

But this vote was not an anomaly for Blagojevich, whose campaign website has the catchy name of [Contact Rod and tell him if you think of him as being "for us."]

Anti-labor, war monger Rod "Bombs Away" Blagojevich has simply done it again. By voting for the war resolution he put himself within a minority of his own party and the Illinois Democrat delegation. Even six Republicans voted against the attack on Iraq.

Add this to his votes for the War of Terror, the USA Patriot Act, all war appropriations, against the UN criminal court, against the Federal Court ruling prohibiting the god clause in the flag pledge, for the antilabor Bush Homeland Security scheme, and being in favor of the barbaric death penalty and against gay marriage--and what do you have?

Not "Rod For Us" that's for sure!



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