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Stopping Terrorism

Bush now has the power to do whatever it takes to stop
terrorism... That's got to be good, right?

On 10/11/02 The Chicago Tribune ran a quote from Dick Armey:

"If you're going to conduct a war on terrorism,
then you must stop that person who is most likely
and able to arm the terrorist."

Instantly this fantasy came to mind:

In a bold move to eliminate weapons
that might be used in a terrorist attack,
the Bush Administration started a bombing
campaign against known munitions factories
and chemical processing plants in Arizona,
Colorado, Utah and Nevada.
"We're targeting the proliferation of
weapons of mass destruction at their source,"
Bush told the stunned audience. "Time and time
again, we discovered that the largest most
dangerous weapons dealer in the world is
the United States and we're going to take
them out once and for all."

Democratic leaders voiced outrage that
Republican stronghold states were targeted first.
Majority Leader Tom Daschle demanded that
military strikes be lead against South Dakota.
"We're just as patriotic and as dangerous as any
state of the Union," he said. "Senator Joe Lieberman
and I are backing a resolution that demands each state get an
equal share in punitive bombings."

Somewhere dark and very hot, Vice President Dick
Cheney was reported to be laughing.

Grant Schreiber



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