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Meat Irradiation coming to Schaumburg

SteriGenics plans to start irradiating meat/poultry at its facility in Schaumburg with radioactive cobalt-60. There will be an activist meeting Sunday March 11 at 2pm at Loyola Park Fieldhouse (7051 North Sheridan). We will watch a video on food irradiation, and make plans. Nuked Beef and Chicken - it's what's for dinner!
SteriGenics, a subsidiary of Belgian company IBA, is planning to start irradiating meat and poultry at its facility in Schaumburg, about a mile from Woodfield Mall. They will be using radioactive cobalt-60 and/or cesium-137 to irradiate meat products, ostensibly to make the meat "safer".

Irradiation destroys much of the nutrient value of foods, creates dozens of chemicals like benzene that are not found in food, and creates unacceptable risks to facility works and the communities near the facilities. SteriGenics used to be known as RSI, the company known for an accident at its Decatur, Georgia facility that contaminated workers with radiation, sold radioactively contaminated products to the public, and resulted in a taxpayer-funded cleanup to the tune of over $30 million.

There will be a meeting Sunday, March 11, from 2 to 5 p.m. at Loyola Park Fieldhouse, Greenleaf and Sheridan (7051 North Sheridan). We will watch a video on food irradiation made by Robert Cleland who will also be there to bring us up to date on the issue and answer questions.

The rest of the meeting will be devoted to developing plans and strategies to deal with the coming attraction of a meat nuking facility in Schaumburg--the first of many around the state and country, unless WE stop them. Somebody's gotta do it!

TRANSPORTATION: Red line to Morse Avenue L. Walk east to Sheridan, then north two blocks to Greenleaf. The Loyola Park District building is on the east side of Sheridan. If driving, parking may be available in front of the building on Greenleaf or Sheridan.



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