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A modest suggestion for anti-war movement in chitown

Why are we always gathering downtown? Why not move out to the neighborhoods?
A few comrades and I attended the anti-war demo on Oct 6 and again on Oct 7. We were pleased with the turnout and the enerby on Oct 6. Kudos to the organizers! Oct 7 was a bit disappointing. Not only because of the realtively low turnout but also because of the overweening religious temper of the evernt.

However, our main critique of the anti-war demos and, for that, most demos in Chicago, is that they always take place downtown and/or on Michigan Ave. Why never in city neighborhoods, where people live and shop? I understand the part of the goal is to reach other working people with the anti-war message. But if that is the case wouldn't we reach more people in a neighborhood like Logan Square or Humboldt Park? A couple of thousand demonstrators with appropriate signs lined up along Milwaukee Ave. or Ashland Ave. or any of the other cross town arteries would reach thousands of people going to or from work. Clusters of demonstrators fanned out around the city at EL and bus stops during rush hour with leaflets would reach thousands more.
Demonstrating on Michigan Ave. is a waste of time because most of the people you find on Michigan Ave. are there to shop at the ritzy shops and are so mesmerized by consumer society they could care less about our message.
So next time you go to an anti-war coalition meeting, whichever one you attend, urge that we take our protests to the people, to show those of them who agree with us that they are not alone and show those who currently disagree that there is an alternative point of view.



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