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DePaul 13 Event Series Starts Again Tonight!

DePaul Students Against the War (DSAW) are hosting another 13 events series to get people to go to DC Oct. 26th starting tonight (Wed.)!
Hey yo Chicago,

DePaul's student anti-war group is putting on 13 events -- "13 reasons why you should come with us to protes the war in DC Oct. 26th" and invite you all to come! We'll have speakers, poets, gameshows, forums for discussion, movies, documentaries, and so on. It starts tonight. Speakers from various groups mobilizing against war in Iraq (Peace Pledge, etc.) will be speaking on how each of us can get involved. A complete schedule of events will be posted here within a day and will be available at the event.

DePaul Lincoln Park Campus
SAC 154

See y'all there!



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