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Pathetic Chicago Antiwar Protests Fizzle

Millions of Americans oppose the war, but are the tiny fringe of activists staging protests too busy selling each other papers to welcome anyone new into the antiwar "movement?"
1.5 million Italians march against the war, 400,000 in London...and a few hundred in Chicago. Think it might be time to reach out to folks who don't identify themselves as radicals or pacifists?

And has it occurred to anybody that it might be a good idea to have ONE NATIONWIDE DAY OF ACTION instead of 5 little protests every week in every city? Worked in the UK (see ) so why we can't do it here?

Middle-class housewives, mainstream politicians, and Scott freaking Ritter all marched in London, and they would do it here too if we made any real attempt to reach out to them. There is significant mainstream opposition to the war, all over the political map. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin opposes the war, and his office says 99.9% of the calls they've been getting support him. Why aren't those people out marching? Maybe because they're too lazy or busy or scared...or maybe because nobody asked them to.

Start asking. Start listening.



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