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Emergency Demonstration to protest latest Israeli Attacks in Palestine

Arab American organizations, peace and progressive groups to march on Chicago's Israeli Consulate to protest the latest Israeli attacks against Palestinians living under occupation on Monday, October 2. March gathers at Tribune Towers at 5:00PM
Chicago's Arab American Action Network has issued an call for a emergency demonstration against the latest atrocities being carried out against Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

The demonstration will be held on:
Monday, October 2 at 5:00 PM
Chicago Tribune Towers-Michigan Ave.
followed by a march to the Israeli consulate.

AAN has also issued an appeal for additional endorsers. For more information on endorsing this mobilization, please contact Ali Abunimah at:
ali (at) ASAP!

- breaking news from Palestine -

Sunday 1 October, 2000:
Web posted 15:45, Ramallah, West Bank

Clashes have been occurring throughout the West Bank, Gaza and areas within the 1948 borders of Israel since this morning.

At approximately 2:00 pm, a Voice of Palestine radio report confirmed that Israeli forces fired LAW Rockets at a Palestinian Military Intelligence base at the entrance of Rafah, Gaza. Two members of the Palestinian National
Security Forces and one 10-year-old Palestinian child were confirmed dead as a result of the rocket attacks. The nearby neighborhood of "Hai Al Brazili" is currently being evacuated. Radio reports state that tens of rockets
continued to be fired into the neighborhood and there are numerous casualties. It is still unclear as to what the current injuries are. Prior to the rocket attacks, 17 injuries were reported from Rafah, Gaza, and Khan
Younis this morning.

Armed confrontations are now taking place in Al Bireh, Ramallah. Civilians are being evacuated from the area of the clashes. The Red Crescent Society has reported at least 22 injuries thus far.

Clashes have also been taking place since early morning in Um Al Fahem and Nazareth, in the 1948 areas. Dr. Sliman Ighbariyeh from Um Al Faham has reported on Voice of Palestine radio that 39 injuries have been documented so
far, and one Palestinian shot dead, Mohammed Ahmed Eid Jabareen, 23 years old. Mustafa Ramadan, a member of the Palestinian National Security Forces was killed during clashes at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus earlier this morning. Two Palestinians who were injured during yesterday's incidents died this morning from injuries sustained: Jihad Al Aloul, 26 years old from Nablus and Iyad Al Khoshashee, 18 years old from Nablus. To date, there are 65 injuries documented in Nablus from this morning. Reports from Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus state that Israeli helicopters are circling the camp where clashes are occurring, and firing down flares at the camp. Further reports from other areas of the West Bank include: Jenin, 3 injuries sustained from rubber coated steel bullets; Bethlehem, 1 injury from rubber coated steel bullets; Tulkarem, 17 injuries; Hebron, 46 injuries;Halhoul and Bani Naim, 22 injuries The above information has been taken from confirmed radio reports and statement as well as hospital staff in the relevant locations.

More information on LAW (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) rockets can be found at:

This latest report provided by Jerusalem based Addameer website



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