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Public Libraries Almost Useless

Public libaries are as useless as they can make them without actually being able to do anything about it.
Public libraries ban books. Try to order over the Web and get "Sorry, Not Available", especially for the good books! They make it so hard, you don't want to read them anymore - they are out of date by the time you get them! A sample of the books the gatekeepers won't let you read:

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon
Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace
Stealth Juror
The First American Revolution
How To Earn $50,000
Natural Capitalims
Get A Life by Ralph Warner

A Nation of Victims
Mostly on the Edge
Shit Magnet
The Disadvantages of Beintg Educated by Albert Nock

No wonder people are so stupid, the library won't let us read books! Except the ones they say are good for us! From the elite new aristocratic gatekeepers, puritanical fools! That's why we sho8ld Help Starve A Feeding Bureaucrat and put Hilary Clinton in jail already!



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