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National Student Action Against War In Iraq

National Student Action Against War In Iraq
Activists to Rally College Students
Protests Planned Against Iraq War
Trying to muster antiwar support as they did after the Sept. 11 attacks, activists are mobilizing college students in Boston and around the country today against a US-Iraq war with a 'National Student Day of Action.'

Boston Mobilization, a nonprofit group, is trying to engage young people in social issues, and for the last month has been organizing more than 30 schools around the country in the antiwar effort.

Alex Cheney, the codirector of Boston Mobilization, said yesterday that his group and students nationwide have been galvanized by reports about President Bush's aim to remove Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein by force.

''Our central purpose is to show the world and our government that there is a large opposition to the war in Iraq, especially on campus,'' said Cheney, a recent graduate of Boston College. He is not related to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Cheney participated in campus rallies against the war in Afghanistan last fall. Many campus peace marches sputtered, though the last US war in Iraq produced thousands of students marching through Boston streets in opposition.

Alex Cheney, who said he thinks the emotional response by the world to the Sept. 11 attacks has faded, hopes the White House's current efforts will meet more scrutiny and, in the end, opposition.

''There is no connection between Sept. 11 and going to war with Iraq,'' Cheney said.

Boston College, Boston University, Emerson College, and Harvard University are among the more than 30 schools around the nation with plans today for organized protests, according to Boston Mobilization.

At noon at Boston University on Marsh Plaza, a rally is planned at which time organizers will display ''a colorful representation of the number of Iraqis who have died under sanctions,'' Cheney said.

And at Boston College, students are scheduled to march at 10:30 a.m. from the library to the campus ''Dust Bowl,'' where a student panel will talk about the war.

Several priests from Boston College will take part. A vigil is planned for 6 p.m.

Cheney said his group was informed that the school's College Republicans will hold a counterdemonstration.

The University of Oklahoma, Humboldt State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of California-Berkeley, and Sarah Lawrence College are among the dozens of other schools scheduled to take part.




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