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The Repression of Labor in Colombia - on Labor Beat

Recent 2-part documentary on the labor movement in Colombia scheduled for Labor Beat on CAN-TV in Chicago in month of March.
The Repression of Labor in Colombia
Parts I & II

Channel 19, CAN-TV
Chicago cable-tv
Part One
Thur. 9:30 pm Fri 4:30 pm
March 8 March 9
March 15 March 16

Part Two
Thur. 9:30 pm Fri 4:30 pm
March 22 March 23
March 29 March 30

"The Repression of Labor in Colombia", from Labor at the Crossroads, and
produced by the Television Workers Union of Colombia

"The Repression of Labor in Colombia" is an effort to show the dimensions
of the gruesome dirty war against the labor movement in Colombia carried
out by the security forces and their death-squad allies. Because of the
climate of near-total impunity that characterizes Colombia's war on labor,
not one single assassin has ever been punished for killing a unionist!

Through the images of labor struggles and official and corporate
repression, a picture emerges of a valiant movement that, despite the
terror it has endured, has survived and continued to challenge exploitation
and inequity.

Recently, the dirty war on labor has intensified. Under the pretext of the
"war on drugs," the Colombian military is receiving infusions of U.S.
military aid. This has not only strengthened the hand of security forces
and the paramilitaries, but has also emboldened assassins who have targeted
the top leaders of the labor movement for elimination. A couple of failed
assassinations in just the past month have resulted in the identification
of military and police officers as the would-be assassins. As usual, little
is expected of government "investigations." More than ever before, the
Colombian labor movement needs the support and solidarity of U.S.
unionists. It's a matter of life and death.

For more information: Colombian Labor Monitor at (773) 442-5641,
clm (at), or
Chicago Colombia Committee at (773) 489-1255, chrc (at), or visit

This video is NOT for sale by Labor Beat.
For purchase information, contact Labor at the Crossroads:
sfarkhondeh (at)

laborbeat (at)
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are those of Labor Beat, not necessarily IBEW.



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