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Chuck Collins to Speak in Chicago This Friday

Chuck Collins, leader in the current movement against Bush's plan for tax cuts for the rich and co-author of Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change, will be speaking about contemporary politics of wealth, inequality and social change, this Friday March 9th at Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago.
Come Hear
Author of Robin Hood Was Right: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change,
and Leader in the National Movement AGAINST Bush's Tax Repeal Plan!

Women and Children First Bookstore
5223 N. Clark Street, Chicago

Why are certain wealthy Americans joining with non-profits nationwide to petition the new Administration's plan to repeal the estate tax? How can even a little money put in the right places help create social change? Find out this Friday, March 9th, as Crossroads Fund and Women and Children First present Chuck Collins, author of the petition that is receiving national news coverage and support from both ends of the economic spectrum. As the co-author of several books and articles on economic inequality and socially responsible investing, Mr. Collins makes a powerful case against the repeal of the estate tax and for channeling funds toward progressive social change.

An heir to the estate of meatpacker Oscar Mayer, Collins invested his own inheritance in organizations working to tackle the root causes of such problems as poverty, social injustice, and environmental hazards. Fast Company magazine featured him as one of "17 leaders, doers, and change makers— 17 givers— who offer instruction and inspiration on giving back." He is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of United for a Fair Economy, a national organization working to narrow the gap between the rich and poor. His book Robin Hood Was Right is a unique how-to guide for giving, whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or a multimillionaire. It is a nuts and bolts primer for taking control of your money, investing, identifying effective organizations and making donations that are right for your wallet and your values.

Recent media coverage of Collins focuses on his leadership role with William Gates Sr. to stop Bush's plan to repeal the estate tax. Collins wrote a petition signed by over a hundred millionaires and billionaires, that explains how government revenue lost through this plan "will inevitably be made up either by increasing taxes on those less able to pay or by cutting Social Security, Medicare, environmental protection and many other government programs so important to our nation's continued well being." Collins also notes with concern that repeal of the estate tax will have a devastating impact on public charities relying on contributions from affluent individuals reducing the size of their estates.

For more information, call Crossroads Fund at (773) 227-7676, or Women and Children First at (773) 769-9299.



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