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We're Jeff and Tracy. We're Your Good Neighbors. We Smoke Pot.

Jeff and Tracy are two regular people who tried to pay for a voice to oppose the government sponsored ads promoting the War On Drugs (marijuana.) In their hometown of Portland, Oregon, they were censored at nearly every turn! Learn about their story and how you can help get their radio spots on the air in your community!
We tried spending our own green money to publish the message that tens of millions of responsible, productive Americans smoke pot. Portland's largest newspaper, The Oregonian, censored us. So did corporate heads at Portland's KUFO, KGON, KEX, KKCW, KSTE, KNRK, KKRZ and Seattle's KISW. Even the mass transit system, Tri-Met, banned our message.

Sooo...we are taking our message to radio stations in other parts of the country, to college campus radio stations, indie stations, even internet stations in the hope that they will play it over the air waves! The following link will take you to a page on our web site where both of our radio spot's are available in MP3 as well as WAV format. We encourage stations to play both spots, in rotation, and as frequently as possible!

Help us spread the message that regular Americans smoke pot, you just don't know who they are because they are afraid to talk about it.

We'd love to hear from you!

Best Wishes,

Jeff and Tracy



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