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TABD anti-globalization protest party in Chicago

This is an announcement of the planning meeting for the TABD protests.
Here in Chicago we are organizing against the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue, thanks to some encouragement by the sensationalism of the capitalist mass media. One of the first big anti-corporate globalization events to happen here in Chicago.

We wacky anarchists, anti-globalists, artists, protesters, labor activists, environmentalists, culture jammers, south-siders, punk rockers, hip-hoppers, mimes, vegans and other concerned citizens are planning a party for the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue. You know the corporate creeps over at

We have a spokescouncilstyle meeting planned for October 13th 4-7pm at the Agape House 1046 W. Polk here in Chicago. It is by the UIC campus, within walking distance of the Halsted UIC blue line stop.

We have a website up and are planning for a massive protest. Many of the tactics to be employed have not even been envisoned yet, but there are glimmers of creative civil disobedience, culture jamming, and non-violent disruptions that are sure to let the business men know that we aren't going to let them parade around in our working class city as if they own the place.

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