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NYC-DAN had a productive meeting this past weekend with Mohawk Warriors regarding an action on the U.S canada border.
NYC-DAN had a great meeting with the Mohawks of First Nations Tribes. They are definetly interested in taking CONTROL of the border on their reservation and allowing Americans thru. They are not into symbolic C.D. They mean business! Now we just have to deal with the authorities en route TO the border and from the border TO Quebec. This is going to be a militant wild action. Ya Basta! and Blac Bloc as well as Mohawks and others including some labor groups are going to converge on the little northern New York town of Cornwall on the 19th of April. We've agreed to be fairly open about planning this. Because the Mohawks have a history of armed resistance to State impositions on their Nation - the authorities will be hesitant to provoke such a dramatic confrontaion. I think this is a great opportunity for black bloc and others of militant mind in the protest movement to work with the Mohawks and LEARN some shit. We'll keep you posted via the NYC-IMC site or e-mail me. The staging point for the Americans will the the Burlington Vermont convergence center open on the 16th of April. See Stay tuned com-RADZ!!



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