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Tuesday M20, Tell Starbucks to dump GMOs and rBGH

All over the US, people will be demanding that Starbucks stop using genetically engineered foods, and stop using dairy products made with genetically-engineered rBGH
Organic Consumers Association along with other Fair Trade, environmental, and food safety activists are gearing up for a worldwide campaign focused on Starbucks.

On Tuesday March 20, 2001 (the date of Starbucks annual shareholder meeting in Seattle), we will be organizing leafleting and media events in front of Starbucks in 50-100 cities around the world and will be calling on Starbucks to:

- stop using genetically engineered (GE) ingredients in its products
- pledge to never use GE coffee
- to start brewing and actively promoting Fair Trade coffee in its cafes
- follow through completely and transparently on a previous agreement to improve the working conditions on the coffee plantations which supply them with coffee.

More info:

The Organic Consumers Association and five of our closest allies (Friends of the Earth, Rights Action Canada, Center for Food Safety, Pesticide Action Network, and Sustain) have decided to target Starbucks, the largest gourmet coffee shop chain in the world, as our first major North American corporate target. On March 20, 2001, while Starbucks holds their annual shareholders meeting in Seattle, we are organizing 'Frankenbuck$' protests in front of Starbucks cafes in up to 100 cities across the US and holding up signs. In a number of strategic cities there will be press conferences as well. This will be the largest coordinated protest against genetically engineered foods (as well as the largest protest against agricultural sweatshops) in US history.

How You Can Help:

Go into a Starbucks coffee shop and talk to the manager or the person in charge.

Ask them for a verbal and written assurance that they will change their policies (i.e. that they will remove rBGH and other genetically engineered (GE) ingredients from their coffee beverages and their foods; that they will start brewing and seriously promoting Fair Trade coffee; that they will fulfill their pledge to improve the wages and working conditions of coffee plantation workers; that they will pledge never to use GE decaffeinated coffee beans).

Ask Starbucks to show you what brand of milk they are using in your coffee and take note of whether or not it is labeled as rBGH-free (sometimes called rBST. If you're ordering soy milk with your coffee, make sure it's labeled organic or free of GE soy and soy derivatives.

Ask if their baked goods are free from GE soy, soy derivatives, corn sweeteners, and cooking oils. If you order a coffee from Starbucks, ask them to brew your coffee with Fair Trade coffee beans. If they won't, take your business elsewhere.

Ask Starbucks for a written assurance that they will cooperate with international human rights monitors to guarantee their pledge to raise the wages and working conditions of the coffee plantation workers of their suppliers.

Patronize socially responsible businesses and products. If one of Starbucks' competitors is brewing Fair Trade coffee or avoiding GE ingredients, give your business to them instead of Starbucks.



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