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What to do with all that Zionist hate mail cluttering your inbox?

Suggestions on what to do with Zionist hate mail

Are you being harassed by Zionists?

Are you receiving hate mail, virus laden mail, spoofed mail, threats, and
other forms of harassment in your mail box?  If you have spoken out against
Israel online, then you probably are.  We suggest this sure fire method of
disposing of your pro-Zionist hate mail.

Chances are you don't know who sent you the harassing mail.  However,
we do know who is motivating this behavior.  If you receive such mail,
forward it to the leaders and organizations that encourage cyber
terrorism.  Forward all pro-Zionist harassing email to one (or all) of
these addresses:

Include the following note:

To Whom it May Concern,

Your organization's intolerance of those who speak out against the crimes
of Israel has prompted your followers to send me the attached mail.  I am
forwarding it to you as an example of what your efforts are producing. 
Please encourage your followers to stop engaging in cyber terrorism.




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