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for the lazy Christians

In my view the word 'hippy' is synonomous with 'child of God'.

There is nothing more damaging and dishonouring to Jesus than to have pride in Him. To get to the father one must go through the son's way--- you do not need to know the history of Jesus to know divinity, truly, to know divinity is to know everything you need to know about Jesus,,, and to be 'divine' is to merely be dedicated to truth (the mystery of divinity).

Somebody once said, 'be not proud'- concern yourself with that--- we do honour to the Christ by emulating Him, not just saying his name while we ignore His doctrine--- which is 'giving freedom' and 'suggesting love'


the world is yours - let love inspire


who is you,
who is a branch of the 4 dimensional infinite fractal singularity that is God, therefore, God

PS: forgive the proud for they know not that they suck and all of the brutal stupidity in the world is their fault



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