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Wednesday, Oct 16th
10am - 5pm @ Columbia College Chicago
Hokin Annex: 624 s. Wabash Ave
The War On Terror: A Teach In
Wednesday, October 16th at Columbia College Chicago
Hokin Annex: 624 S. Wabash Ave.
10am - 5pm

NOT IN OUR NAME: The War On Terror
A Teach In

Wednesday October 16th there will be an all day teach in from 10am to 5pm at Columbia College Chicago on this so called "War on Terror" and its effects on the country and the globe. We will have lectures, discussion groups, literature tables, and maybe even food. Come, learn all you can, and voice your opinion!

10am Iraq: Voices in the Wilderness

11:30am: the driving forces behind the war on terror: Raymond Lotta, author of America In Decline

1:30pm: Palestine: Norman Finklesein, author of Image and the Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict

3:00pm: The War at Home: Standish Willis, National Conference of Black Lawyers

4:00pm: What can we do? Open Mic

After each speaker there will be open mic sessions and discussion groups. and yes, THIS EVENT IS FREE!

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