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Bush is trying to enact an Executive State by passing a resolution which would bypass Consent of Congress and destroy the 'Balance of Powers' provided by the Constitution.
We are going through changes, but we need to recognize there are some things worth retaining. In spite of all their flaws, the framers of the US Constitution were some very brilliant, objective, original thinkers. They received some of the ideas for the Contitution from the Native people on the Eastern Seaboard, but what stands way out is the provision of 'Balance of Powers'.

In order to declare war, the President needs 2/3rds Consent of Congress. This is a Constitutional requirement. To change it, there has to be 80% approval by THE ENTIRE LEGISLATURE.

The 'Broad Powers' Bush is seeking to 'fight terrorism' would allow him to use the military, unilaterally any time or any place in the world he wants. He is trying to do this through a resolution. It is an attempt to circumvent the 2/3rds Consent of Congress. Just like voutres are an attempt to destroy public education, and 'faith based initiatives' are an attempt to put assunder the Separation of Church and State.

Bush wants to enact an Executive State, like a Monarchy, Plutocracy and a Theocracy, all rolled into one, with him at the top. No need to get into his disdain for the vote here.

Military personnel take an oath to the Commander in
Chief. He is their Commander. We citizens do not. He is not our Commander in Chief, he is merely the Chief Executive. We have a Legislature to Represent our Dissent, and we also have the right to Freedom of Assembly, and Peaceful Protest. These are examples of 'Balance of Powers'. When Congress acts to block a presidential war desire, that is an example of 'Balance of Powers'.

When the Military takes an order from their Commander, they are presumably fighting for our Freedom and land. Similarly, when we register our dissent through Congress, we are also fighting for our Freedom and land.. we also save the lives of our loved ones in the Military.

Something removed succesfully from the American psyche is the right to recall leaders, and the right to revolt.

We are at a point where we may lose our 'Balance of Powers'. Things are swinging way out of balance. From the Supreme Court Stealing the Election, to this pResident seeking to create an outright global military assault.

It's starting to make the constitution look pretty good.



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