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Ocober 6-7 Actions of Protest and Resistance

On Sunday, Oct. 6, the day before the anniversary of the bombing of Afghanistan, mass actions will be held in major cities, bringing together tens of thousands of people who together will take the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance. They will declare their opposition to the government's course and pledge to resist--and stop--this war on the world, the detentions and roundups of immigrants and the escalating police state restrictions in this country. The events will send a message to the people of the world that George Bush does not speak or act for all the American people.

October 6th, 2002

October 6th, 2002

New York City

Sunday, Oct. 6, 1-5PM

East Meadow, Central Park

Enter at Fifth Avenue and 96th Street

Tables and displays beginning at 1PM.

Saul Williams; attorney Lynne Stewart; filmmaker Mira Nair; Rev. Peter Laarman of Judson Memorial Church; actor/comedian Reno; Imam Talib Abdul-Rashid of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem; Leslie Cagan, and many more in pledging to resist and STOP the U.S. Government's...

  • War on the World

  • Detentions and Roundups of Immigrants

  • Attacks on Civil Liberties

They want us to be silent. They want to stifle dissent. They want the world

to think we're all behind Bush. On October 6 in Central Park we must say to

the world:


Write messages to send to people around the world.

We will hear comments from those who have felt the effects of U.S. military actions in other countries and domestic repression in the U.S. We will hear from artists, writers, religious figures, activists and others about why they are taking the Pledge.

At about 3PM. we will assemble in a circle to form a gigantic image of the world. Then, as one, we will take the Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance.

This message of solidarity with the people of the world needs to be heard especially loud from NYC where the deaths of thousands of innocent people on September 11, 2001 have been invoked as justification for the government's actions.

We encourage people across the country, and especially from the East Coast and Mid-West, to come to NYC and make your voice heard on October 6.

Local action - Illinois - Chicago

Protest and Resistance Culture

Sunday, October 6, 2002, 1PM

Tribune Plaze, 435 N. Michigan, Chicago

For more information and to endorse: info (at)">info (at) or call 212-969-8058.

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