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Giant redwood at Michigan Av GAP 9/25, 12 Noon

A giant redwood stump is coming to the Gap (555 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago), Wed., Sept. 25, at 12 Noon, for a special anti-logging and anti-sweatshop protest!
Giant redwood stump at Michigan Av GAP today at 12:00!

A giant old growth redwood stump--driven all the way from California--will attend a special anti-logging and anti-sweatshop protest at the Gap clothing store, 555 N. Michigan Ave., TODAY, Wed., Sept. 25, at 12:00 Noon.

The redwood stump is a beautiful and charismatic (and very photogenic) object. We're driving it across the U.S. in a truck fueled by "veggie diesel." The Fisher family of the Gap clothing empire is destroying a vast area of redwood forest in northern California. Gap, Inc. (Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy stores) is using sweatshops in 55 countries. Join our protest!

REDWOOD, White & Blue Tour of America:

The giant redwood stump--logged by the Fishers of the Gap--is 5 1/2 feet wide. You can see photos of it (and take action!) at We're taking it to six U.S. cities on our "Redwood, white & blue tour of America." The big pickup truck, needed to haul the giant stump, is fueled by homegrown “veggie diesel”--a low pollution, high performance alternative to the dinosaur crude that is fueling American foreign policy.

We're headed for mass protests in DC against the Gap (9/27), the IMF/World Bank and Bush's Oil War.

The Fisher family of the Gap is destroying 235,000 acres of redwood forest in northern California--with clear-cutting (in 80% of their logging plans), toxic herbicide use, logging of rare old growth, over-logging, and logging without any process of public accountability, in defiance court rulings against them.

Greenpeace, Rainforest Action, Bonnie Raitt, Julia Butterfly Hill, the late David Brower (founder of the Sierra Club), and tens of thousands of Gap boycott protestors in the U.S. and around the world, have asked the Fishers to stop logging and to conserve these precious redwood forests--which comprise an unique west coast ecosystem, and a national heritage, that are nearly gone.

These are the forests that Judi Bari was trying to save! She failed to save them because of court-proven FBI harassment and lies (the jury recently awarded 4.3 million dollars to her heirs--due to FBI civil rights abuses). The Fishers are now finishing the forest liquidation that was begun by previous owner, Louisiana Pacific--against whom Judi fought so hard, until the day she died.

Another reason to boycott Gap: Gap, Inc. uses sweatshops in 55 countries, where the workers earn as little as 11 cents an hour, and live and work in slave-like conditions. We are in solidarity with UNITE, which is co-sponsoring our DC action against Gap.

The motto of the Tour: "Be patriotic! Shop Mom & Pop! Don't feed corporate greed!"

Contact the Redwood Tour on-the-road, at cell phone 415-509-1188 (Mary Bull) or 415-793-6187 (Mark Hilovsky).

Mark Hilovsky is a San Francisco green builder, and driver of the "veggie diesel"-fueled truck. Mary Bull is head of the Save the Redwoods-Boycott the Gap Campaign. A total of eight forest activists are on the Tour.

If you would like copies of the Greenpeace (9/02) and Rainforest Action Network (3/02) statements on Fisher logging, contact:

Mary Pjerrou
Tel. (707) 877-3405 - pirohuck (at)
Greenwood Watershed Association
A member of the non-profit, public benefit corporation Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance
P.O. Box 106, Elk, CA 95432


Mary Pjerrou



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