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Sorrow for Indymedia

it's too bad this what Indymedia has become
I remember about 2 years ago I went to the Indymedia fundraiser event at Chicago's HotHouse. There was an excellent display of multicultural artworks, a stage of poets and musicians who lit the stage on fire one-by-one with terrific performances.

During the show, representatives did take time to outline the issues that were important to Indymedia and it's supporters: ending police brutality, gay rights, rights for the homeless, the poor, wrongfully imprisoned, and other groups.

So what does this have to do with the current content that goes up on Indymedia's "news" section. Sadly nothing., has apparently degenerated into forum of taunts and inciteful rhetoric. Previously, Indymedia posters focused on important issues (again, for those of you who have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN): police brutality, gay rights, rights for the homeless, etc.).

The "news" consists now of pro-communist, anti-American, anti-Capitalist, and pro-anarchist rants, sympathy for Palestinian suicide bombings (aside usual scorn for the great Zionist/Jew conspiracy to take over the world), and your usual conspiracy theories and invective.

If you dare to dissent (i.e. refute suicide bombings, communism, anarchism, or simply disagree) you are doubtless labelled a racist, fascist, you name it...

Sure it's a free country. If you want to call George Bush a fascist, it your business. If you want to be an anti-Semite, or call for the destruction of the US Govt., while letting the Saddams and the Taliban go free under the guise of "peace", feel free.

It's just too bad you can't (here on this website) be against police brutality without being a anarcho-communist who hates anyone who doesnt agree with you.

Sorry to inform you all...

Throwing a brick through a McDonalds window is NOT activism.
Calling every dissenter a fascist does not help legitimize your views, or spur cooperation. Categorically denouncing America does not stop war, denouncing 'globalization' as racist does not feed the hungry.

There are some who would love to delegitimize those of us who work to end injustice, all who speak out against descrimination, police brutality, corporate corruption.

Pat Buchanan once called the Democratic Nat'l Convention of 'cross-dressers" during the RNC in 1992. Did this help bolster the conservatives' cause? Luckily, no.

But keep it up. The Pat Buchanans, the Jerry Falwells, the Jesse Helms of the world will love you for it.



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