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big suprise, democrat activists LIE about gore speech. it was NOT anti-war.

without permission, i keep getting put on the list serve. Gore was not included on cnn msnbc or fox. but he was on c-span, and i heard his PRO-war speech, which merely disagreed with the bush strategy.
Somehow, i keep getting put on the mailing list, even though i have utter contempt for them and continually ask to be removed.

the most recent email i got from them is this cry that Gore was censored from the major cable news networks. I heard gore's speech on the war on c-span. they are complaining that he was censored from msnbc, fox and cnn.

he may very well have been. this is really cute, since gore was complicit, and silent on nader's removal from the properties where debates were being held in the last election, and several greeen candidates were actually arrested while they attempted to participate in the sytem.

In the email i received, they claim gore was censored because his was an anti-war speech. I heard the speech on c-span. It was NOT an anti-war speech. It was merely a disagreement on the strategy bush was using.

Gore said after the invasion the u.s. needs to remain in iraq to be sure the taliban didn't come in and get all the chemicals and whatnot to use against 'the west' (apparently, the democrats also subscribe to the false dichotomy of islam and 'the west').

all of this just infuriates and motivates efforts i make, in my own way to help people understand this sick two-headed freak of a national party structure. it also shows the contempt for americans the democrats share with the republicans.

please go to and do an advanced search of 'democrats for nixon' to learn about the origins of the democratic leadership council.



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