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so many protests so little time

There are just too many organizations....
I would like to bring up a problem I have.
I don't know which movement to join or which pledge to recite. I am planning to make a chart since this has become ridiculous:

There are 3 organizations that have similar name:
1 Not in my name
2 Not in our name
3 Not in our names

1 is jewish people opposing occupation. 2 is a coalition that wants people to take the pledge 3 is something i just recently found.

I think RCP started the #2. I don't understand why they decided to steal the name thats so close to another group.
There is also 2 pledges. One is not in our name one and another one is no war in iraq one at
Now, I am thinking that they are affiliated with some other political group with whom I will not agree. They are also affiliated with war registers league which also sponsor the pledge on iraq but not the "not in our name" one because of rcp involvement.
Can anyone tell me which front groups belong to which parties or organizations? Not in our name started by rcp but they seem to be pretty quiet about their involvement.

So who belongs to who(if anyone) Any party/front group historians out there? Its pretty useful info

Not in our name (rcp?)
Not in our names (socialist party?)
Not in my name
Prairie fire ( interesting article about a band by that name. any connections?)
Voices in the wilderness
War resisters league
Peace Action
National network to end the war against iraq
veterans against vietnam war anti imperialist (rcp?)
interantional solidarity movement (another socialist party?)

Any other ones i should know about? if parties think its unfair to use the word front group then think about it. all the members are from the same party. agenda is controlled by the party. party paper is mostly sold at the event. what do you call it?

thank you for any information anyone can provide.



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