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Did the President, Attorney General, & Sec. of Defense have prior knowledge of the events of 9-11? You Bet! Links to doccumentation beyond belief but ABSOLUTELY TRUE!
There is ample evidence that Pres. Bush had at least a couple of week’s notice of the events of 9-11. Moreover, David Shipper the attorney that brought impeachment charges against Clinton, fought organized crime in Chicago for years putting away many mobsters, was beating on the Attorney Generals office door for two months!
Mr. Shipper had files from two FBI agents that had been placed under a National Security gag order, after arresting two terrorists in Minnesota. The Justice Department released these men, one of which ended up flying along with others into the towers. The local police, as well as the FBI were told to keep hands off. They were not allowed to tap phones, conduct surveillance, nothing! This is the highest act of treason in America to date!
The FAA upon finding the planes off course past the allotted time in their guidelines contacted the Air Force as per protocols. The Air Force was in process of scrambling jets when the received order to STAND DOWN from the only source possible, the White House.
If you do not believe me suggest you watch the film 9-11 Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones see
If that's not enough see
or see
I don't ask you to believe me, search for yourself. There is enough information out there that the mainstream press will not touch to convict Bush and his henchmen 1000 times over.
When you understand Osama Bin Laden has been a CIA asset since the days of Reagan & Bush and the Taliban was created by the CIA the picture becomes more clear.
V.P. Dick Cheny sat on the Afganastan Oil Reserve Control Board. In a meeting over 2 years before 9-11 he promised the Taliban "a carpet of gold" if they let them put a pipeline through fromn SE Asia to Russia and a "carpet of bombs" if the didn't. The Taliban refused. You can bet your last dollar that if you looked at the path of the US bombing runs you will find they have created a clear pathway for this pipeline. It's all about MONEY. Don't believe the lie! Find out for yourself.
May God Forgive Our Nation
Pastor Michael Treis



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