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Congress Needs "Backbone," Send Them Some

Bush and his gang are pressing Congress to comply with his planned criminal attack on Iraq. Give Congress members the backbone they lack. Send them a message today.
Bush and his gang are clamoring for a blank check for war from members of Congress. Gebhardt and Daschle have already signaled that they will back Bush. Powell is having less luck with UN members, especially the French and Russians. Do they have the "backbone" Bush demands of the UN?

The Bush strategy appears to be to first manufacture domestic war support for a US go-it-alone attack on Iraq. Then manufacture a pretext for the attack. The actions of a rogue state, if you will.

Contact Senators Durbin, Fitzgerald and your House member. Tell them to give Bush no blank check for war, no resolution authorizing whatever action the administration may deem necessary. They have people who tabulate messages.

Switchboard for Congress [all Washington offices]: (202) 224-3121

Email addresses: dick (at)
jan.schakowsky (at)
Senator_Fitzgerald (at)



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