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call for media, to Oneida territory, NY

Oneida standoff, Oneida NY. Supporters of Oneida traditionalists say NO! to Oneida Nation dictator (and violator of the centuries-old Haudenosaunee democratic system of decision-making, The Great Law), Ray Halbritter's, attempt to push out another Oneida family from the 32 acres territory.
For immediate release: 9/14/2002


To prevent the Oneida Nation Police, acting on direct orders from Oneida Nation CEO Raymond Halbritter, from using bulldozers to demolish the home of Danielle Patterson, resident of the Oneida Nation - Haudenosaunee Iroquois Aboriginal Territory - September 15, 2002.

Christian Peacekeepers Team and human rights observers are gathered in front of the home of life-long resident of Oneida member, Danielle Patterson, single mother of three children, to prevent the demolition of her mobile home.

New York State inspected and authorized Ms. Patterson's home for a furnace last fall In November 22. Police officers from Oneida Nation assaulted Patterson before breaking into her home. The police, acting on orders from Halbritter, illegally arrested and confined Patterson before ordering the destruction of her home. She faces criminal charges on September 24, 2002 in the Oneida Nation tribal court as well as the loss of her residence.

On July 7, 2002 Oneida Nation Council member Clint Hill attacked two Oneida women: Maisie Shenandoah, the Oneida Wolf Clanmother, and Diane Shenandoah. He was tried and acquitted by the Oneida Tribal Court, an entity which is unfair, unjust and not capable of a fair trial or making unbiased judgments, ordinances and laws regarding the Oneida people since it is under the direct control of Halbritter who is exempt from its jurisdiction. There is no due process or bill of rights in the Oneida Nation, Inc. Tribal court.

In addition, there has been a massive ongoing campaign by Oneida Nation Inc., against any Oneida person who opposes his dictatorship, thereby tainting thejury pool.

This struggle is not only about one family, but the injustices the Oneida people have suffered over the past decade to maintain their rights as human beings. Human, Civil and Religious rights continue to be violated against the people by the Bureau of Indian Affairs created Halbritter regime.

The Territory residents believe Halbritter's so-called "Beautification Project" is but a thin disguise to forcibly inspect, condemn and demolish the homes of those Oneidas who oppose his rule. This is a blatant attempt to remove all traditional people from their ancestral homeland. The order forthe destruction of the Patterson home is set to go into effect on September 15.

We ask for the media to monitor this crisis. For those willing to lend assistance contact the numbers below.

Contacts: D. Schenandoah and Oneida Members:
315-363-6248, 315-361-5301, 315-361-4346, 315-361-4383, 315-363-1655.



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