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NUZI the new name fits

cut through the bullshit propaganda and see the new nazi's
meet the nuzi's. You want more?? write
An IDF investigation committee, headed by Major General Yitzhak Harel, absolved the IDF this week of any responsibility for the death of innocents in the last three incidents, in which altogether 13 Palestinians were killed, including six children and a mother. The incident in Bani Naim was also included in the investigation. The central conclusion of the committee is that "that there were no defects in the procedures for opening fire."

In fact, the IDF doesn't need additional criteria. As Operation Defensive Shield progresses and completes its "pinpoint" missions by assassinating the political, operational and organizational leadership of the Palestinian struggle, the IDF is increasingly positioned in a frontal war against civilians. "The absence of a security record doesn't interest us," said the officer. "Too many terrorists today have no security history."

The truth does not require a judge or jury. Just a proper setting.

Truth requires no justication. Only lies require justification.
This fact makes it easy to distinguish between the two.

There is one truth & that truth remains constant. It is the many untruths that shift like sand in the desert. Eventually untruth betrays itself & real history becomes known.

At first those who share truth are believed to be heretic. But truth will prevail in the end. These brave souls are those who are visionary. Who see the bigger picture. Who embrace the pure truth. It would behoove us to listen & learn from these souls.

Rather than the mass produced media lies.Propaganda is the illusion of truth spun by the whores of deception



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