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Building the Movement Against This War!

Riding a growing wave of opposition to the President’s proposed war on Iraq, prominent community leaders in Chicago are uniting in protest at an indoor rally, “Countdown to WAR on Iraq: Why We Must Oppose It” at 7 pm, Friday, September 13 at Roosevelt University, 430 S. Michigan, 2nd floor (corner of Michigan and Congress).
Reasons to oppose this war aren’t hard to find. More than 100,000 people were killed by the last U.S. war on Iraq and budget cuts in this country are hurting thousands of people even before spending the projected $80 billion-plus on this war. This war is directly contrary to the interests of the people in the Middle East and most people in this country.

In spite of the pro-war propaganda pumped out by many mainstream media outlets, the anti-war message is rapidly gaining adherents. One activist with the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism took a protest sign opposing Bush's impending war on Iraq to Wednesday's noon Daley Plaza rally for victims of September 11, expecting a good deal of trouble. Instead, he was stunned at the overwhelmingly positive response he got from people at the event, with many coming up to shake his hand and offer words of encouragement, while a handful of pro-war individuals fumed.

Tonight's rally is aimed at giving further voice to this widespread anti-war sentiment. Speakers at the rally include Dr. Jose Lopez of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Emma Lozano of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Lionel Jean-Baptiste, a leading reparations activist, Rev. Dan Dale, a participant in recent solidarity delegation to the Philippines, and Mahmud Ahmad, new Chicago Chapter Executive Director, American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

For more information call the Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism by calling 312-458.9559, or e-mail CCAWR (at)



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