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International campaign from Italy to World

Revoke Mr. Kissinger's 1973
Nobel Prize for Peace
Dear friends,
With this message we'd like to inform you that our "Latina" discussion
forum (mailing list about South America based on server) has organized an international campaing to revoke Mr. Kissinger's 1973 Nobel Prize for Peace.
This action doesn't want to be persecutory on Mr. Kissinger, but tries to
revoke this Prize only to give back real dignity to the word "peace"
itself. We think that only a World wide mobilitation would be succesful, so
we are sending this message to you; after these few introductory lines, you will find (in english, italian and spanish) the letter that subscribers of
all continents are sendig to Nobel Committee in Norway. Wo hope also that other sites will happily host this campaing adding a "light of protest", so we are sending our logo, too. Please feel free to put it in your page (if
you have one) or at least to make the greatest number of people know about it!! First thousands of subscriptions are coming from all over the World (Italy, Sweden, Guatemala, Australia, USA, Israel, Palestine...) as you can check easily at the URL:
We plan to be active with this campaing at least until december 2001, when the next Nobel Laureate for Peace will be announced.
To have an idea of how well the action is going, the only URL from where we ask you to subscribe our appeal is:
Every letter will be sent directly from there to Nobel Prize Committe and a
copy will be also sent to our email address in order to have a complete
count of subscribers.
We hope you can support our action and we'd like to thank you in advance
for your attention and for your help. We are ready to satisfy every other
request you should have about this campaing and we please you to make us know as soon as possible if you'll put our logo on your server.
Thank you! Ciao!!
nonobel (at)



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