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Let Israel Know

Israelis are under the false impression that American support is unconditional. This enables Israel to follow an arrogant and terroristic policy against its neighbors. Let Israel know what the US press won't tell them: we've had enough! Here are some suggestion on how to let Israel know...

Let Israel Know

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On the eve before the anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11, Americans
should let Israel know how they feel.  After all, the anger that fueled the
attacks of 9/11 was provoked by a foreign policy directed, manipulated, and
demanded by Israel and those Americans who put Israel first.  Moreover, there
is growing evidence that Israel knew of 9/11 in advance
.  Many
speculate that the failures of American intelligence that led up to 9/11 were
the produce of Mossad interference.  With a long history of manipulating
events to turn our country against the enemies of Israel, it is believed by
many, that 9/11 was as much the work of the Mossad as it was of Al Qaeda.

One year later, we learn that Israel continues its attacks on
Americans.  Israeli
cyber warfare against American peace activists and supporters of Arab and Muslim
causes has been relentless and damaging.
  Evidently, billions of
dollars in taxes and thousands of American lives are not enough for
Israel.  Israel demands complete allegiance from all Americans.  Those
who stray from the path of "Israel First" and those who speak out for
the rights of Israel's victims are slandered with labels of
"anti-Semitism" and "Jew-hater."  It seems that the
rules of decent behavior, in the eyes of Israel, apply only to those who are not

It is time to let Israel know how we feel.  Here are suggestions on how
to communicate your indignation to Israel.

Let Israel know that you are tired of seeing the American political system
subverted by the interests of a terrorist state.

Let Israel know that cyber warfare against Americans will not be tolerated.

Let Israel know that American support for Israel is not only not
unconditional, but an absurd product of coercion and not free will.




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