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Judge Orders Elgin To Turn Over More Documents in FOIA Case

A Judge Has Ordered City of Elgin To Turn Over More Documents, Ending a Six-Month Cover-up Over Illegal Legislation
GENEVA -- Kane County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Dixon today issued an order forcing the City of Elgin to turn over more documents regarding the proposed gun shop ordinance, pursuant to a lawsuit filed last year by a Chicago man. The lawsuit, filed in November of last year, sought to prove that Elgin had concocted a false cover story regarding the proposed ordinance.
The city had claimed publicly that the gun shop ordinance was proposed in response to the death of an Elgin youth. But the documents obtained during the lawsuit prove that the ordinance was under consideration well before the young man’s April death, and infer that the city was exploiting his death for political gain.
“This is a major victory for freedom of information,” says Eugene J. “Gene” Koprowski, president of the non-profit Institute for Human Rights, which had filed the lawsuit. “The judge has ruled that Elgin must turn over more documents to me -- and turn over portions of other documents that Elgin had falsely claimed were exempt from disclosure. Elgin obviously violated the law in order to perpetrate its cover-up. The mayor and his five lawyers cannot hide the truth any longer.”
The city of Elgin’s lawsuit was intended to target one man -- a bill of attainder -- and is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. “They violated the Constitution and then tried to cover it it,” says Koprowski. “The Mayor should resign over this cover-up.”




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