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Monday Stolen Lives/October 22 Coalition Press Conference

Monday Press Conference to release national poster of people killed by law enforcement since 9/11, and list of 22 killed by law enforcement in the Chicago area since that time.

We will have a press conference Monday 9/9/02, 12 Noon, Federal Plaza under
the orange sculpture (Calder Flamingo).

The press release & list of speakers will be out soon, the main points

-- Police Brutality Did Not Die on Sept. 11,`01. Brutal cops are not heroes.

-- Unveiling the poster listing 150 people killed US law enforcement since
9/11/01, including 24 photos; part of a major public opinion campaign (copies
will be available, preview JPEG attached or download the from our website)

-- Announcing that the 7th Nat'l Day of Protest to Stop Police BRUTALITY,
Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation is ON for Tues. Oct.22,
2002 in cities across the US including Chicago, NYC, LA, Houston, Greensboro
NC, San Francisco Bay Area, and many others.

For more information:
773-528-1701 chicago (at)

Read Stolen Lives Online!

Email: Chicago (at) October22.ORG Phone: 773-528-1701. Fax: 773-528-3270.
Official NDP web site: October22.ORG/



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