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Britney turned on by lesbian porn

Britney turned on by lesbian porn
EXHAUSTED pop princess Britney Spears loves watching lesbian pornographic videos and is a good friend of one of the stars, say friends.

She has befriended Jenna Jameson, a sultry porn actress who "swings both ways" on screen.

And in June, 21-year-old Spears, who is now taking a prolonged rest from show business, amazed people at Club Spin in Miami Beach, Florida, by turning up at an after-hours party thrown by porn producers Vivid Entertainment. They put out such titillating titles as On Her Back, Where The Boys Aren't, She Town and Blonde on Blonde.

An insider told the US magazine Globe: "Britney was surrounded by porn stars. They partied till the wee hours."

A friend confided: "Britney isn't the goody-two-shoes everybody thinks she is. She loves to watch porn and has her own personal collection of hot sex videos.

"Britney has an interest in all kinds of pornography.

"She is particularly taken with lesbian sex, ever since she had someone rent an all-girl video for her. She and her friends watched it together and Britney is absolutely fascinated."

The friend revealed that Spears and her friends rent raunchy movies from a store in California, near her new home.

The blonde star and her former lover, Justin Timberlake, once lived together in the multimillion-dollar mansion. A few weeks later, Spears and the 'NSync star split up, leaving her heartbroken. She had said she would remain a virgin until she married Timberlake.

She is rumoured to be dating wannabe singer Marc Terenzi.

Now Spears is consoling herself with a bizarre new friendship. She is said to be fascinated by 27-year-old Jameson, who Rolling Stone magazine says "put the star in porn star".

Jameson is famous for her sizzling lesbian scenes. A friend said: "Britney is a real fan and loves watching Jenna's videos. Jenna was really flattered, and she and Britney have become great pals."

Jameson's fiancé, Jay Sterling, declared: "There is a definite attraction between them."

He said his bride-to-be would love to perform with the pop star in a movie.

An insider explained: "I think Jenna is attracted to Britney because she always wanted to be in the music business.

"By the same token, Britney likes Jenna because she is in the porn business. She has had a thing about porn for a long time."

Jameson was given a special backstage pass to see Spears in concert in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 12. Two weeks later, she appeared at the opening of Spears's posh New York restaurant, Nyla.

Earlier this year, Spears cavorted for a night in Amsterdam's red-light district. A witness reported: "She and her friends checked out stores that sold porno stuff.

"Then she and her friends convinced the manager at the bar Fat City to keep it open after hours so she and her pals could come in and enjoy the party atmosphere.

"People were smoking pot - which is legal there - and men were walking into cathouses right next to the bar. Britney really seemed to be enjoying herself."

Spears's career is faltering, according to music insiders. Merchandise sales at her concerts have gone down. And her latest album, Britney, is doing about half as well as her previous one, Oops, I Did It Again.

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