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emergency servicese kept away fro pentago on 9/11

carol valentines excellent analysis of the pentagon 'rescue' on 9/11
We all know that when a person is seriously ill or injured, he must be given medical attention as soon as possible. Delay may cost the victim's life. That's why we have ambulances, and that's why ambulances have sirens.

On September 11, three members of a Washington Hospital Center MedStar Transport helicopter team responded to the emergency at the Pentagon. Several days later, (September 14) they were interviewed by Kathy Fowler of WJLA-TV (ABC-Channel 7) in the Washington, DC area. Luckily, I have a copy of that interview.

The MedStar pilot and crew were among the very first at the scene, according to the WJLA report. When they arrived, they were told that another suicide plane was on the way and they should LEAVE.

How does that comport with the "Black Hawk Down (Leave No Man Behind)" philosophy? Here we have civilians showing up to perform rescues and the military (or whoever was controlling the Pentagon scene then) ordering them to abandon the victims on the pretext of an unconfirmed and unfounded report.

The MedStar people, to their eternal credit, refused to leave. By the time they did, they had helped eight victims and were taking another to the hospital. Speaking of the rescued victim, one of the crew told Fowler on camera:
"She hugged me three times and said thank you for saving my life."

Then Fowler told the audience:
"After the crew transferred one patient back to the Washington Hospital Center, they were not allowed to go back because of the restricted air space."

So what we have is this: MedStar arrived and was immediately ordered to leave. They refused, rescued eight people, took one to the hospital, and were prevented from coming back.

Now who would prohibit a MedStar helicopter to return to the scene of a disaster and take victims to the hospital? Those MedStar helicopters should have been given military escorts to and from the disaster site. What could be more important than immediate professional medical care for the 9-11 victims?

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