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International Women's Day Alert: Free Abeer Abu Khdeir!

Chicago IMC Global Desk: This urgent appeal was issued by the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees on behalf of Abeer Abu Khdeir,a 32 year mother of 4, arrested by Israeli occupation forces in Shu'fat, just north of Jerusalem on Wednesday night, Feb. 21.
Dear Sisters:

As we approach International Women's Day on March 8, the Union of Palestinian Women's Committees (UPWC) urges both international human rights and women's organizations to demand that the Israeli government release Abeer Abu Khdier, a mother of four who was unjustly arrested with her husband on February 21.

In Solidarity,

Maha Nassar
Union of Palestinian Women's Committees

The Union of Palestinian Women's Committees in the State of Palestine

A message of solidarity to join our struggle.
Free Abeer Abu Khdeir!

On the night of Wednesday Feb. 21, Israeli troops arrested 32-year-old Palestinian mother ABEER ABU KHDEIR and her husband NASER, after a six hour ordeal that targeted every family in their building. Witnesses called the troops' treatment of Khdier's family and the building’s other residents one of the most savage operations that Jerusalem has seen in several years. Khdeir and her husband were forced to leave behind their four children, who range in age from two to twelve years of age.

In bitter cold and rain, Israeli troops emptied the building in which Abeer and Naser live with their children in Shu'fat, north of Jerusalem, and forced women and children at gunpoint to wait outside their homes for more than six hours while they ransacked the building. In response to this assault, people in the area organized a huge demonstration that lead to clashes with armed Israeli soldiers.

Abeer and Naser's four young children require and deserve the care, help and warmth that only their parents can provide. We call upon you to raise your voice with us for the immediate release of ABEER ABU KHDEIR.


For more information on how you can help, contact:
addameer (at)
upwc (at)



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