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What does ephemeralization mean?
Your teachers will not know what this means. Ask them. It means getting more from less, it is the new way of creating abundance. Man's mind won't stop - with freedom. It will continue to create more and better life and more fun and more tyous and fun. So leave man alone to create in freedom without government or bureaucrats stopping progress. They can't stop free people, that's why they need to control us and stop progress for all humankind! Scinece is good. Business is good. Government is bad. Bureaucrats are bad. The government schools are teaching you to hate business (media too) and love Big Brother. Why? They are stupid for one thing. Another is that's what Big Brother wants. Governments have hurt civilization, not helped it. They are teaching you propanganda. Learn critical thinking, science, technology, freedom, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Do the opposite of what "they" (now it Big Brother State and Media and Schools, making good little Hitlers) tell lyou to do.



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