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Psychological Warfare Expert Spills The Beans: Brainwashing America

Psychological Warfare Expert Spills The Beans: Brainwashing America

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Dr. Norman D. Livergood was a professor at the United States Army War College,
and a chairholder of the "Knowledge Engineering Group," where he
worked to advance the art of manipulating people for strategic end.  He's
written a number of articles that criticizes what's going on in America, and
they should be required reading for every American.  This is the most
recent, and it seems that he's been updating it as a work in progress too
because I looked at this sometime around Aug. 20th and now, there's more stuff



Read it.  It will definitely get you thinking even if you don't agree
with everything he says.  But the fact that he's not your ordinary Joe
speaking out should give you plenty of reason to take his ideas with great
care.  Here is his bio:



It's not often that one finds people within the establishment spilling the
beans.  But when the stench of lies is so thick and repulsive, conscience
compels at least some people to speak out.





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