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POWER - People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers!
On Sat. August 24 a group of 28 anti-racists activists were arrested in Baltimore. In an action designed to prevent Nazi/KKK National Alliance buses from getting to rallying in Washington D.C. They are now in Baltimore city jails with bails set as high as $20,000.

This was the National Alliance’s fifth rally in DC since November, during which they have called for violent attacks on people of color, members of the LGBT community, and Jews. By preventing one of busses from even reaching the rally and greatly delaying the other three, these activists thwarted their plans for an uncontested stay in charm city. Once in DC, the nazis faced even more opposition as hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets and chased them out of town.

In Baltimore, the remaining anti-racist activists are being harassed by police. The Bloodshed, a community & show space, was raided twice without warrants. Also, at the Progressive Action Center police arrived and attempted to search the building, but the occupants did not allow them to conduct a search. Many groups of activists continue to be followed by the police and they continue to be pulled over for questioning. Cops pointed a gun at one group of activists late Saturday and detained them for questioning!

In all, 28 of our comrades now sit in jail awaiting our help. All told, some $45,000 will have to be raised in order to get them all out immediately. We need assistance from all members of the anti-racist community in order to free our fellow activists. It is important to give as much as you can, but any contribution helps. Checks, in any amount, should be made payable to Black Planet Books and can be mailed to 1621 Fleet St. Baltimore MD 21231. Or call Jessica (JT) at (617) 584-9220 for information regarding wiring money directly to Baltimore.

If you need more information feel free to e-mail us at antifalegal (at)



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