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Jewish terrorist caught planning to slaughter Muslims

Robert Goldstein case amazes police Poor Dr. Goldstein has been under way too much stress lately, so we have to take good care of him. If he were any other ethnic group, his ass would be at Guantanamo right

Lethal weapons of mass destruction were found at Goldstein's townhouse

Little is known about Robert Goldstein, the doctor on trial in the United States accused of planning to attack Islamic centres in Florida.
One fellow doctor told the Associated Press news agency that the 37-year-old foot specialist did not mingle with other doctors.

Mr Goldstein was arrested on Friday at his home in Seminole, near Tampa.

Police went there after Mr Goldstein's wife, Kristi, complained that he was threatening to kill her.

The FBI are unsure whether Dr Goldstein was part of a group or acting alone (Lunitics of zion)

It took detectives 30 minutes to coax Mr Goldstein out of his townhouse, which they say was rigged with trip wires and surveillance cameras.

When police searched the house, they found a cache of up to 40 weapons, including sniper rifles and AK-47 guns, according to prosecutors.

Police say they also uncovered more than 30 explosive devices, as well as a list of approximately 50 Islamic places of worship across Florida.

Most crucially, detectives say they found an 11-point "mission template", covering everything from what Mr Goldstein would wear to getting rid of fingerprints and dealing with hand-to-hand combat if necessary.

"Set timers for approximately 15-20 minutes to allow for enough time to get out of area, but to confirm explosions has (sic) been successful," the template reads.

"The amount of explosives should be ample to take down the building(s)."

Mr Goldstein was placed in custody under a state law that allows commitment for psychiatric evaluation.



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