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Tent city brings affordable housing downtown

On Monday August 26, over 100 Chicago residents took to downtown to demand that Mayor Daley act now to end the housing crisis that is facing the city’s low income residents. The march started at the former Roosvelt Hotel, a single room occupancy that was shut down by the city, and proceeded up State Street to Millenium Park. As people were entertained by live gospel and blues performers, others set up tents to show the only housing people can afford in Chicago. Ten activists reclaimed the public park for the people and stayed the night. (article 6)
The first two photos are at the former Roosevelt Hotel at the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt Road.

The third is of protesters entering Millenium Park near the corner of Monroe and Michigan.

The next two are at the Park.

The last three are the next morning. The police left the group alone and there were no arrests.



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