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Roanoke, VA Gay Leader Keynotes Oct. 7 March

2nd annual March Against Anti-Gay Hate, on the anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder, will feature Sam Garrison as the keynote speaker. Garrison is a prominent Gay activist in Roanoke, VA, scene of last weekend's anti-gay rampage which saw 6 people injured and one killed by a homophobe shooting up patrons in a Gay bar.
Roanoke, VA Gay Leader Keynotes
Oct. 7 March Against Anti-Gay Hate

In light of the Roanoke, VA shooting tragedy, longtime Gay rights activist Sam Garrison of that city will be the keynote speaker for Chicago's 2nd Annual March Against Anti-Gay Hate, scheduled for 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 7 at the corner of Halsted and Addison Streets.

Last Friday, Sept. 22 a man walked into a gay bar in Roanoke and shot seven people, killing one, Danny Lee Overstreet. "Witnesses told police...[the assailant] was at another bar earlier in the evening and asked where the nearest gay bar was because he wanted to shoot some gays," according to the Chicago Free Press.

Garrison is among those organizing a demonstration today in Roanoke to respond to this tragedy, and will be flying to Chicago along with his husband to participate in our march and rally. Among other accomplishments, Garrison is a leader the fight against Virginia's sodomy laws and police entrapment of gay men.

Please call the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network at 773.878.3697 (Bob), 773.878.4781 (Andy), or 630.910.8573 (Kerry) for more information.



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