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Who are the anti Semites?

Religious fanatical Chutzpah knows no bounds. But, when you are, God's Chosen people, normal rules don't apply to you. It is perfectly acceptable to criticize any nation on the earth for its errors and wrongs, but lo and behold, don't you dare criticize Israel; for if you do that, you will be accused by the programmed masses of the most abominable sin in the modern world, the unforgivable sin of anti-Semitism the weapon of mass distraction and Censored!

So, now we know that criticizing Israel is quote "anti-Semitism" and thus is morally equivalent mass murder, Jews and Israel must never ever be criticized, no matter what crime is committed, no matter how one might feel the need to speak out.

We learn that to criticize the campaign of terror and ethnic cleansing that drove 1,400,000 Palestinians from their homes, businesses, and farms during the creation of Israel is "anti-Semitism."

That to criticize hundreds of Israeli massacres of unarmed men, women and children, such as at Dier Yassin and the Sabre and Chatila massacre in Lebanon, is "anti-Semitism."

That to criticize the fifty odd-years, brutal military occupation of the West Bank and its 2.5 million people is anti-Semitism.

That to criticize the Israeli torture of over 500,000 Palestinians in their prisons is "anti-Semitism."

That to criticize Israel for firing thousands of missiles over the last few years into crowded cities and refugee camps killing women and children in their beds mostly, is anti-Semitic."

That to criticize the repeated Israeli spying against and damaging of the governments of the world as in the Jonathan Pollard case, is just anti-Semitism.

That to criticize the Israeli terrorism against the United States in the Lavon Affair and the murderous attack on the USS Liberty is "anti-Semitism."

Jewish supremacists think that they are the new Gods, and that any criticism of them and the fanatical religious state of Israel is equivalent to blasphemy and heresy!

Such an attitude exposes these religious fanatics that threatens not only Palestinian life and freedom, but also our own, for these religious fanatics are attempting to make legitimate criticism of Israel considered the moral equivalent to a criminal act and thus beyond consideration by thinking people.
It is really disheartening to consider the current state of the world media and culture.
These religious fanatics thoroughly dominate our major media. They can blackmail any politician or public figure into silence. But this control is not enough for them, now they seek to make any criticism of Israel the equivalent to blasphemy. When will the world’s people wake up? When will we break these religious fanatics stranglehold on the world media and on the global populations mind?

But, unless we men and women of honor begin to speak out, far more people than the Palestinians will suffer from these religious fanatics human lives and interests will continue to fall to religious terrorism such as occurred on 9-11, a terrorism born from treasonous American officials who have put supporting Israel's criminal actions and theier own personal profit above the true interests of the American people.

The obvious anti Semitism and most disturbing is that of the slaughter of the Palestinian civilians who ARE Semites at the hands of the religious fanatics that rule occupied Palestine. We should beware of the ones who cry anti-Semitism, especially while they are slaughtering Semites by the thousands.



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