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Founding Conference of the COLOMBIA ACTION NETWORK (CAN), Apr. 6-8, UIC, Chicago

Come to the founding conference of the Colombia Action Network (CAN) to build the movement against US intervention in Colombia. April 6-8, Agape House, Univ of Illinois at Chicago, 1046 West Polk Ave
Come to the Founding Conference of the

Strategizing for the movement to end
U.S. intervention in Colombia

April 6, 7, 8
Agape House
University of Illinois at Chicago
Information & on-line registration:

The Colombia Action Network is a national organization committed to opposing all forms of US intervention in Colombia. The CAN was founded in 1999 by groups in Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York, in response to the rapid escalation of US military aid being directed to Colombia. We support self-determination of the people of Colombia and support the progressive popular forces fighting for change.

Our founding conference will give grassroots activists in the US the opportunity to develop nationally-coordinated work against US military aid and intervention directed at Colombia. The goal of the conference is to strengthen the foundation that will foster collective action to build a larger and more inclusive movement in solidarity with the people of Colombia. We invite you to join us at this conference to make this work possible.

The conference will include Education and Analysis, featuring speakers from Colombia's social movements, as well as Activist Trainings, and Strategizing sessions to develop nationally-coordinated plans to oppose US intervention in Colombia.

You can find more information and you can register on-line at the CAN website:

Colombia Action Network
610 West 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408
actioncolombia (at)
312-777-4001 x1404



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