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Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN: August 13th Birthday

On Tuesday, August 13th, Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-Funded Aid To Israel Now!) came into existance and
is moving forward with its agenda.
On August 13th,over 30 people braved a heavy rain storm to attend an exploratory meeting at the Palatine Public Library in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The meeting was
called by veteran Chicago area activist Kevin Clark to determine whether there was sufficient interest to form a
northwest suburban chapter of SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Tax-Funded
Aid To Israel Now!). Although Clark claims to have done only
a minimal amount of organizing--the event turned out to be a
very energizing affair with Christians, Jews, Muslims and
secular activists filling most of the available seating. It
was clear that several people in the room were members of the local Amnesty International chapter which has reputation for being very progressive.

The featured speaker was Mahmud Ahmad of the Free Palestine
Alliance. Most of the remarks by Mr. Ahmad centered on the
Caterpillar campaign that was recently launched by SUSTAIN,
the Free Palestine Alliance and Berkley Students for Justice
in Palestine. The campaign has called for the Caterpillar corporation, headquartered in Peoria (Illinois), to cease
selling its equipment to the Israeli government until home
demolitions by Israeli Occupation Forces is halted. For more
information e-mail: StopCat (at)

Following the remarks by Ahmad, Clark polled those in attendance to see if there was support to form a SUSTAIN
chapter and the vote passed with a strong majority despite a warning that if there was a "yes" vote the group would be committing itself to far more than letter writing. Another
vote was taken to affiliate the new chapter with the Chicago
Coalition Against War & Racism. That vote also received a
strong yes from those in the room.

SUSTAIN is a non-hierarchical, grassroots organization committed to supporting and sustaining the Palestinian movement for justice, human rights and self-determination.
It is the groups position that the U.S. government supports
Israeli violations of Palestinian national and human rights
militarily, economically, and ideologically. SUSTAIN is
pledged to building a campaign (in coalition with other
organiztions)against military and economic aid to Isreal to
prevent U.S. tax-dollars supporting the abuse of human rights. Clark points out that while SUSTAIN states that it is not their position to dictate forms of resistance to
any oppressed people, SUSTAIN is committed to nonviolence in all of its action. The organization supports the right of
Israel to exist and is opposed to anti-Semitism.

Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN will hold its first monthly meeting on Thursday, September 12th at the Palatine Public
Library (700 N. North Court) from 7:00-8:30PM in meeting room #1. The site is wheelchair friendly and is located
just off of the intersection of Northwest Highway and Hicks
Road in the northwest suburb.

The group has also started to plan a teach-in on issues
related to the Palestinan struggle. The educational event
will also be held at the Palatine Public Libary on Saturday,
October 12th from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Details will be announced on Chicago Indymedia once speakers are confirmed.

Northwest Suburban SUSTAIN can be reached via e-mail at:
SUSTAINnwburbs (at) or via mail at P.O. Box 1622, Palatine, IL 60078. Those wanting more information on SUSTAIN can visit



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