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Labor Lobby Day in Springfield, IL - next Labor Beat

AFL-CIO holds 'lobby day' in Springfield, IL to protest attacks on labor. Labor Beat for 8/22, 8/29.
1. Springfield Lobby Day, with speeches from Mary Creighton, Midwest Regional AFL-CIO; Henry Bayer, Dir. AFSCME 31; Margaret Blackshere, Pres. Illinois AFL-CIO; Deborah Lynch, President Chicago Teachers Union; Christine Boardman, Pres., SEIU 73; and others.

2. Oregon workers hold protest at Sen. Ron Wyden office for voting on Fast Track

3. Protest in Portland streets against Israeli's Check Points.

Labor Beat
Channel 19, Cable TV Chicago, CAN-TV
Thursday, Aug. 22, 9:30pm
Friday, Aug. 23, 4:30pm
Thursday, Aug. 29, 9:30pm
Friday, Aug. 30, 4:30pm

This show is not available for sale.

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Photo caption: Henry Bayer, Dir. of AFSCME 31, speaking at Springfield rally.

Photo credit: Jim Hade, Springfield Solidarity Beat



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