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If You Do Not Obey the STATE, You Do Not Eat.

Ideas are the most important thing in the world - Ayn Rand said.
Now since the State owns everything (see the Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports video), if you are not a bootlicker to the State, you will not eat. They know every fingernail detail now. And if you are a whistleblowr to the State or have a spark of intelligence (which means you see through their criminality), they will make sure (since they have all the money now), they will make sure you will not eat or at least be tortured while at work. They are using psy ops on us and they have so much money and power now, that they are going after anyone that has a hair out of place (which means you are not one of them). If you are one of them (you'd have to be a criminal), they will leave you alone. But if you have integrity, intelligence (all the good things about being human), they will go after you, They only want criminals out there now. All politicians are criminals and all their bootlickers in the media. They have set it all up. It's all in their control now. We gave them too much money and power. So watch out! The mafia criminals are now running things.



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