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Here is something new, or maybe something old. Confederation and integration, not separation, is the answer, according to a new Israeli party and a sister Palestinian movement set to be established tonight in a meeting of Israelis and Palestinians at a Jerusalem hotel. The parties will work among their respective nations to promote the idea of constructing what they call a "common community of the mandatory land of Israel," a superstructure that would unite Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority into an economic partnership similar to the European Union. "People forget that the United Nations partition plan in 1947 called for a joint economic union," said the founder of the Israeli version of the party, political strategist and former industrialist Moti Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi, 62, is best known for leading the protest movement that was credited with bringing down the government of Golda Meir after the 1973 Yom Kippur War. As a battalion commander, Ashkenazi commanded the sole stronghold in the Sinai that never fell during the war. "This is a different idea that does not fit the constructs of Right and Left," said Ashkenazi, who comes from the Left, but has strong connections on the Right. "Labor is stuck on the fence, it's a dinosaur that cannot absorb anything new."

Tonight's meeting is the result of months of dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals set to culminate with the founding convention of both parties in Tel Aviv on September 12. The Palestinians in the group were among the signatories of the letter published in the Palestinian press last month condemning suicide bombings. The Palestinian side will be led by Hanna Seniora, the owner and publisher of The Jerusalem Times and a frequent emissary of the Palestinian Authority on public relations missions abroad.

According to the plan, Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians would all become citizens of a "community of nations." Each resident of the community could choose whether to become an Israeli, Palestinian, or Jordanian citizen, or keep multiple citizenships.
Sources: Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem Post

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