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Public Citizen Condemns Pacifica Hijackers Threats-Joins Defense Of Free Speech

Pacifica Foundation Hijacker's To Critics:
Take Down Your Web Sites or We’ll Sue. Public Citizen To Defend Free-Speech FROM Pacifica Network Board Thieves And Their Station Stooges (Mary Francis Berry, Bessie Wash, David Acosta, John Murdock (of EB&G), David Palmer, Ken Ford, Garland Ganter, Utrice Lied, Clayton al.
Two Web Sites Critical of Pacifica Foundation are Subject of Lawsuit Threats; First Amendment Protects Critics, Public Citizen Says "We cannot sit by idly while corporations try to silence people using illegal intimidation tactics," Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook said. "The law is quite clear about First Amendment rights, which apply on the Internet as much as in traditional forms of print."



BOYCOTT PACIFICA AND STATIONS FUND DRIVES- Do not pledge to Pacifica or any of the Stations, until the Board resigns. If you did pledge, and you send in money, your contribution may wind up in the coffers of the anti-union, anti-worker, anti-health care law firm of Epstein Becker & Green.

Contribute to the actions to remove the Board and democratize the organization instead.



National Campaign To Oust The Thieving Pacifica Board And Democratize Pacifica

Outstanding background on the national struggle. Names and addresses of Pacifica national board members.

Read about 3 suits against Pacifica national. Address here for contributions.

Excellent Pacifica background, as well as audio and text archives of many WBAI shows since the take-over.

Coalition for a democratic Pacifica New York - WBAI Listener Network





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